Who are we and what do we do

Hi! We are SPOCK –

Student startup incubator at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb.

SPOCK helps the young entrepreneurs to develop their projects and turn them into leading startups. Students at the University of Zagreb and those who graduated from the University within the last two years have the opportunity to participate in the programme which provides support, leadership, knowledge acquisition and development of skills which are necessary in order to turn the ideas into profitable solutions and successful companies.

SPOCK’s programme enables startups to connect with experts, mentors, investors and partners who share common interests, knowledge and experience.

SPOCK is supported by


10 months of work with breaks for exams

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) is highly regarded for the professional and skilled scientists who pass their knowledge to new generations. Many of them have entrepreneurial experience or have worked closely with successful entrepreneurs and will pass their knowledge and experiences to SPOCK members, while numerous external mentors provide easier access to valuable information. Exchange of knowledge and experiences with other startups and a wide network of associates and mentors will accelerate the implementation of students’ business ideas.

Workshops and lectures

In order to help you expand your knowledge, we offer workshops on topics such as forming the Business Model Canvases, the basics of design, team management, starting and managing small businesses, preparation and management of crowdfunding campaigns, the basics of marketing, copyrights and finances. Together with other SPOCK startups you will prepare and practice pitches and presentations.

Space and equipment

Free space at FER will enable you to develop your ideas between classes in the center of knowledge, surrounded by experts. You will have at your disposal a number of specialized equipment any time you need it. 3D printer, system for printed circuit board design or climate chamber are just a part of everything that you will have access to.

Startup community

You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn from your colleague entrepreneurs, meet the investors, experts and partners at various events. Our teams regularly participate at competitions, conferences and other events which we organize independently or in cooperation with our partners.

Mentor network

During your participation in the programme, you will have at your disposal mentors from FER, as well as external mentors, for individual consultations and specialized assistance in overcoming the challenges that you face. Once you join the programme, you will receive access to all the information necessary to easily find and contact a suitable mentor.

Project financing

Creating a product is easier with financial help. That is why we made sure the teams have access to additional funds necessary to set in motion their startups.

Programme schedule

Selected teams go through the programme which starts in mid-July and ends in May. During those ten months, teams will participate in workshops and lectures, and their work will be monitored by a coordinator.

Excellent starting point


What we will remember most from our participation in SPOCK are the mentors who tried to organize as much workshops as possible in the areas we didn’t know much about, to get us invited to many business conferences and startup competitions and to make the whole participation in the programme an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend SPOCK to everyone as an excellent starting point for the development of that fantastic idea that you have, but can never find the time to develop.

Constant motivation for work


Besides the fact that we learned a lot in the incubator and had financial support, SPOCK was a constant motivation for advancement and work on the project, improving of our app, testing with users and, finally, publishing on Google Play. With an excellent network of mentors and knowledge that is provided, SPOCK was a great experience and we would definitely recommend it to anyone with an innovative idea.

A valuable experience


We were introduced to the startup scene in Croatia, as well as with the network of mentors and got connected with a wide circle of people. We learned a lot about things that are not taught at FER, but are very important for the development of a product, such as project presentation, management and the like. We would definitely recommend the programme. You have nothing to lose except for little time, and you have a lot to gain.


Third SPOCK generation


A system that combines electronic markers for animal marking, an electronic device for their identification, and a cloud service with a web application for processing and storing data.



A comprehensive learning platform based on artificial intelligence that complements the classroom teaching at the faculty, solves existing problems and introduces innovative ideas.

Smart MMR2

Smart MMR

Smart city platform for measuring, monitoring and reporting in the form of a city-level sensor network and ancillary software for data collection and processing based on artificial intelligence.


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