Who are we and what do we do

Student startup incubator at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb

SPOCK helps the young entrepreneurs to develop their projects and turn them into serious startups. Students at the University of Zagreb and those who graduated from the University within the last two years have the opportunity to participate in the programme which provides support, leadership, knowledge acquisition and development of skills which are necessary for every early stage startup.

SPOCK’s programme enables startups to connect with experts, mentors, investors and partners who will, with their knowledge and experience, help them to transform their ideas into profitable solutions and successful companies.


For all University of Zagreb students

Applications are open for both the individuals with ideas who, if accepted, will receive our help with forming a team, and an already formed teams with defined projects. Students who have the knowledge and skills in the areas necessary to develop a particular idea and who want to become a part of a start-up can apply for a brainstorming session of a selected idea, where the project and the team will be formed. After formation of the teams and presentations of all the projects, the best projects will be selected for inclusion in the SPOCK programme. Individuals and teams from other faculties will get help connecting with FER students and forming strong multidisciplinary teams that will work on prototype development. Apply now, start forming a team around your idea early and get bigger chances for getting into SPOCK!


  • Submit your idea

    You acknowledge the problem in your surrounding and you have the idea how to solve it

  • Present your idea

    Share the recognized problem and your idea in 5 min with interested fellow students

  • Brainstorm

    Brainstorm your idea with fellow colleagues at the workshop and build a strong foundation for promising project

  • Form a team

    Forma a team that will go with you on a startup adventure


  • Submit

    You and your team work on that one project for some time now? Tell us about it!

  • Pitch

    Tell us more about your team and business potential of your project

  • Start up

    Wait for the confirmation that you are in and make your first startup steps with us


6 months of work with breaks for exams

Programme starts in January and ends in June with the demo day. Programme is tailored for ideas and projects from the earliest stage to an MVP phase. We are expecting a professional approach and consistent progress from every accepted team. We will encourage those with weekly meetings and workshops. In the workshops, teams will work with mentors that have a startup and/or entrepreneurial experience and in week after every workshop they will use newly acquired knowledge to complete their pitch deck, slide by slide.

Co-working space and equipment

Free co-working space at FER and specialized equipment

Setting your goals

Assistance with identifying your short term and long term goals

Forming a team

Connecting with fellow students

Consistent progress

Weekly meetings to keep you motivated and to track your progress

Mentor network

Experts from industry and academia

Experienced leadership

Leadership with previous startup experience and early stage startup knowledge

Equity friendly

Zero cost and for zero equity


Small financial support for research and development


Project management, Software and hardware development, Business development, Target customer, UX/UI/Product design, PR, Storytelling/Pitch, Fundraising, Legal, …

Identifying key features

Assistance in defining the key features of your MVP

Connecting with target customers

Assistance in finding your target customers and connecting with them as early as possible

Startup competitions

Assistance when applying to different startup conferences and competitions
Programme starts


Group meeting and introduction


Startup 101


Project management


Business development


Software/Hardware development


Pitch deck workshop 1: Problem & Solution


Pitch & Storytelling


Pitch deck workshop 2: Business model, Market and Competition


Target customer


UX/UI/Product design




Pitch deck workshop 3: Team, Financial Ask & Roadmap


Mini Demo day




Demo day


Fourth SPOCK generation

Crop Shepherd

We are developing a very compact autonomous robot to be used in mid-size organic farms for herbicide-free weed control. This will allow our farmers to expand their operations because they will no longer be limited by available manpower. Our robot „P.A.S.T.I.R.“ uses computer vision to differentiate weeds from the planted crop and uses a powerful laser to destroy them.



The main reason businesses fail is the lack of market demand. PollDog is a web and mobile platform that offers entrepreneurs a fast and efficient way of exploring and continuously tracking market demand. With a service inclined incentive system and social media data integration, we are able to gather a large and representative panel. With a combination of the mobile app and a short survey completion time, we are minimizing survey bias which significantly increases the validity of the gathered information. Our goal is to contribute to the growth and development of all entrepreneurs through our services.


Potential BCI

Thought driven technology (or brain-computer interface, BCI) enables people to transform their thoughts into commands for apps and devices. It can shape and transform the way people do anything they’re passionate about, whether that’s creating, learning, or just getting more done. Potential BCI is our vision for the development and standardization of this technology. Connecting users, developers, and researchers by creating the best discovery, distribution, and development platform for BCI technology.


Smart Traffic

We had enough rush hours where cars move 50 meters every 5 minutes while current infrastructure leaves us unable to use more advanced traffic control methods. Using artificial intelligence and easily available data, Smart Traffic develops traffic control algorithms to increase the flow of traffic to give us more time to do the things we love.



SWIRRIS is a portable, easy-to-use soil analysis kit for farmers. Farmers insert soil sample into the box and in return they receive fertilization instructions and how to achieve optimum crop related to the culture they are growing. Chemical analysis of fresh soil sample is done in situ and results obtained almost instantly.



Uply is a mobile application for anonymous, secure, easy and quick data transfer from one device to another. Replace entering user data by scanning a QR code with your smartphone.

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