Adopt Your Farm

Adopt your Farm is a web platform for connecting those who do not have a successor for their farm, with those who want to have a farm, cherish and preserve villages and build a brighter future. The project includes a search of thoroughly described farms, communication and cooperation of all included sides, expert support, evaluation and personalized programs for adjustment.


P.A.S.T.I.R. korova

We are developing a very compact autonomous robot to be used in mid-size organic farms for herbicide-free weed control. This will allow our farmers to expand their operations because they will no longer be limited by available manpower. Our robot „P.A.S.T.I.R.“ uses computer vision to differentiate weeds from the planted crop and uses a powerful laser to destroy them.



Want to eat organic food, but just don’t have time to visit the market? Placexpress only takes a few clicks to secure the delivery of specially selected, premium organic products to your own address. The products come from Croatian organic food growers who are increasing their exports using our service. Our goal is to provide an easy way to get organic food and increase our consumption of local products.



Every entrepreneur knows that market research is one of the prerequisites for a successful business venture. PollDog is a web and mobile platform that offers entrepreneurs a flexible, fast and convenient way of doing market research. We are developing an innovative incentive system which enables us to gather a bigger and more representative panel. The motive for panelists is that they can exchange their data for the services they use everyday. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs or startup founders a data and information channel which will enable them to make the right business decision and make their business venture a success.



POTENTIAL is a personalized gaming training system based on BCI technology (Brain Computer Interface). Analyzing players’ brain and muscle activity while playing giving them real-time insight into their performance, reactions and emotions.
This enables players and their coaches to have better targeted and more effective training that enhances the skills of professional gamers, while taking care of their mental well-being, keeping them in a tournament ready state of mind.



SEAtonomous is R&D team of young engineers whose main goal is development of semi-autonomous small vessel for fish baiting in sport fishing and angling. Simple and user-friendly, SEAtonomous vessel will give fishermen opportunity to put bait on accurate geo-locations and to stretch fishing line to the same location. After putting baits on one or several locations, the vessel is returning to the user.

Smart traffic

Smart Traffic

We had enough rush hours where cars move 50 meters every 5 minutes while current infrastructure leaves us unable to use more advanced traffic control methods. Using artificial intelligence and easily available data, Smart Traffic develops traffic control algorithms to increase the flow of traffic to give us more time to do the things we love.



SWIRRIS is a portable, easy-to-use soil analysis kit for farmers. Farmers insert soil sample into the box and in return they receive fertilization instructions and how to achieve optimum crop related to the culture they are growing. Chemical analysis of fresh soil sample is done *in situ* and results obtained almost instantly.



Uply is a mobile application for anonymous, secure, easy and quick data transfer from one device to another. Replace entering user data by scanning a QR code with your smartphone.




A system that combines electronic markers for animal marking, an electronic device for their identification, and a cloud service with a web application for processing and storing data.



A comprehensive learning platform based on artificial intelligence that complements the classroom teaching at the faculty, solves existing problems and introduces innovative ideas.

Smart MMR2

Smart MMR

Smart city platform for measuring, monitoring and reporting in the form of a city-level sensor network and ancillary software for data collection and processing based on artificial intelligence.


morpheus zone

morpheus zone

System for designing and organizing programming competitions. The goal of the competition is to write a strategy that will fight other strategies in the virtual arena. The purpose is to provide companies with a direct insight into the contestant’s programming skills, way of thinking and to facilitate companies’ employer branding.

Melanoma Check

People who want an instant check of their moles can use Melanoma Check to estimate the probability of its malignancy and get recommendation to go to a doctor to prevent skin cancer on the basis of a single image of a mole.

PicUp is a service that provides users with mobile or web app for easy photo printing and delivery.


Sumirra is a personal financial assistant for students which keeps track of income from student contracts and watches for tax thresholds.




Mobile application which helps solving geometric tasks in a simple and intuitive way – just point the mobile phone camera to the geometric shape from the task.



A device which enables its user to play a guitar with only one hand, compatible with all the standard acoustic and electric guitars.



Noomly is an alarm system for sneaky toddlers. Noomly sensors are alerting parents when their toddler tries to leave the home or starts moving towards less safe areas like kitchen, balcony or swimming pool.



Surveillance of various environmental conditions through a sensor network which can be easily integrated in user’s existent surveillance system.