Our startup uses artificial intelligence to develop mobile applications and chatbots that serve to promote various aspects of health. This app helps people with digestive problems, with the goal of raising their quality of life. In a discreet and understandable way, the user is offered concrete help with advice and instructions on what and how to do, so similar problems may occur less often or are totally avoided later on.



The application of GG ozonator is an innovative technology for the application of ozone in agriculture. It is used to control harmful organisms indoors. It allows producers to effectively protect crops with minimal application costs. There are no pesticide residues, withdrawal periods and risks to human, animal and environmental health. Compared to pesticides, ozone is a useful tool in sustainable, integrated and organic food production. Are you ready to step into a new era of safe food production?

GNP square

Green Energy Pal

Green Energy Pal is a product intended for small and medium enterprises (SME) to help them with reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. A holistic approach to the problem includes both hardware to precisely measure power consumption and software to manage controllable power-consuming devices. In the short term, the product generates a strategy for achieving financial savings trough optimal power-consuming device usage, while in the long term it provides recommendations for further investments in green infrastructure, including information on return on investment and projected economic benefits to users. We save Your wallet and our planet!


Secure Underground Navigation

Through participation in various projects, members of our team gained the first-hand experience by which our idea was born. We want to increase the safety and efficiency of search and rescue teams during accidents in underground objects. Secure Underground Navigation will replace current, outdated navigation methods and improve the way information is being shared in real-time during rescue missions. Our goal is to ensure that even in the toughest of situations both the employees and the rescuers make it back to the surface.



Tondu is like Tinder for sustainability. Our goal is to facilitate cooperation between small and large businesses and thus encourage sustainable development in accordance with the Green deal guidelines. Oftentimes, large companies spend a lot of resources to find innovations, while smaller ones, due to high competition, find it difficult to break into the market. Tondu is a platform which will help them find the best green solutions. How do You find sustainable solutions?



All-in-one hotel management system with chatbot concierge that makes it easy for you to build guest profiles, increase service quality and bring operations and marketing to the next level which results in a higher rate of returning visitors and good reviews.



Crop Shepherd

We are developing a very compact autonomous robot to be used in mid-size organic farms for herbicide-free weed control. This will allow our farmers to expand their operations because they will no longer be limited by available manpower. Our robot „P.A.S.T.I.R.“ uses computer vision to differentiate weeds from the planted crop and uses a powerful laser to destroy them.



The main reason businesses fail is the lack of market demand. PollDog is a web and mobile platform that offers entrepreneurs a fast and efficient way of exploring and continuously tracking market demand. With a service inclined incentive system and social media data integration, we are able to gather a large and representative panel. With a combination of the mobile app and a short survey completion time, we are minimizing survey bias which significantly increases the validity of the gathered information. Our goal is to contribute to the growth and development of all entrepreneurs through our services.


Potential BCI

Thought driven technology (or brain-computer interface, BCI) enables people to transform their thoughts into commands for apps and devices. It can shape and transform the way people do anything they’re passionate about, whether that’s creating, learning, or just getting more done. Potential BCI is our vision for the development and standardization of this technology. Connecting users, developers, and researchers by creating the best discovery, distribution, and development platform for BCI technology.


Smart Traffic

We had enough rush hours where cars move 50 meters every 5 minutes while current infrastructure leaves us unable to use more advanced traffic control methods. Using artificial intelligence and easily available data, Smart Traffic develops traffic control algorithms to increase the flow of traffic to give us more time to do the things we love.



SWIRRIS is a portable, easy-to-use soil analysis kit for farmers. Farmers insert soil sample into the box and in return they receive fertilization instructions and how to achieve optimum crop related to the culture they are growing. Chemical analysis of fresh soil sample is done in situ and results obtained almost instantly.



Uply is a mobile application for anonymous, secure, easy and quick data transfer from one device to another. Replace entering user data by scanning a QR code with your smartphone.




A system that combines electronic markers for animal marking, an electronic device for their identification, and a cloud service with a web application for processing and storing data.



A comprehensive learning platform based on artificial intelligence that complements the classroom teaching at the faculty, solves existing problems and introduces innovative ideas.

Smart MMR2

Smart MMR

Smart city platform for measuring, monitoring and reporting in the form of a city-level sensor network and ancillary software for data collection and processing based on artificial intelligence.


morpheus zone

morpheus zone

System for designing and organizing programming competitions. The goal of the competition is to write a strategy that will fight other strategies in the virtual arena. The purpose is to provide companies with a direct insight into the contestant’s programming skills, way of thinking and to facilitate companies’ employer branding.

Melanoma Check

People who want an instant check of their moles can use Melanoma Check to estimate the probability of its malignancy and get recommendation to go to a doctor to prevent skin cancer on the basis of a single image of a mole.

PicUp is a service that provides users with mobile or web app for easy photo printing and delivery.


Sumirra is a personal financial assistant for students which keeps track of income from student contracts and watches for tax thresholds.




Mobile application which helps solving geometric tasks in a simple and intuitive way – just point the mobile phone camera to the geometric shape from the task.



A device which enables its user to play a guitar with only one hand, compatible with all the standard acoustic and electric guitars.



Noomly is an alarm system for sneaky toddlers. Noomly sensors are alerting parents when their toddler tries to leave the home or starts moving towards less safe areas like kitchen, balcony or swimming pool.



Surveillance of various environmental conditions through a sensor network which can be easily integrated in user’s existent surveillance system.